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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Embarking upon a new journey

 Ever since watching this video(, I have been really excited about the prospect of joining a beautiful and reputed institute like NITIE. One of the USPs of this particular video by MTV is the way Professor T. Prasad, more popularly known as Dr. Mandi, entertains while promising to teach his students the art of management. But it was not until 9: 05 am yesterday did I come to know that my very first class will be his.
      It was extremely interesting to listen to how he went about explaining us the opportunity cost that we were incurring in order to be part of the course. It was really refreshing for the whole class to listen to Doctor Mandi's practical yet effective way of teaching. In a subtle yet strong message, he explained to us, the importance of self-sustenance and with a hint of derision, rightly called the attitude of spending hard-earned parents' money the equivalent of begging. He put his point across using the phrase 'Aaj khi roooti Aaj hi khamana hai', which in Hindi means one has to earn his every meal on the same day. It was pretty apparent from his manners that he was a technology enthusiast and we have all been asked to join his ride of educating the masses through the social media. Starting with this post, I will try to do justice to the magnitude of this objective.
       My posts here will concentrate more on ' The Principles of Organisation and Management' and in our first class yesterday, we were told about the importance of this course. In a nutshell, we were asked to 'stop being nuts & bolts in a car and start imagining and appreciating and understanding the car itself'.  For those of you who do not understand, the car here is analogous to the organization and the employees being the small parts of the organization which make it run. This beginning has really made the lot of us want to learn more and more about the fundamentals of an 'Organization' and more importantly, teach the millions out there, what we are going to learn!

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